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Anchored in Bremen, at home on the world's oceans. With more than 25 years of global experience, LightPartner is a German leader in maritime lighting. Especially in challenging environments, light is an essential factor for successful operation, safety and well-being on board. That is why we are passionate about naval lighting solutions – for a brighter future at sea.

High-end products for high-end ships.

Designed in Germany, manufactured in Europe. LightPartner creates functional, reliable and longlasting luminaires that fulfill the demanding requirements of modern navy lighting. Based on over two decades of successful application worldwide, our versatile product portfolio has proven to meet the highest quality standards and set new ones along the way.

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Your creative and committed expert.

Every Navy project has its individual challenges. Aware of the unique conditions and demanding technical requirements of naval operation, our team of experienced specialists will work with you to find the optimal lighting solution for your speciality vessel. LightPartner stands for creative engineering and state-of-the-art technology.

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We are team players.

At LightPartner, one of our core values is partnership. We believe that building trust and mutual respect is the surest path to success. This approach shapes our work – and your product. We are there for you at every stage: A reliable and responsive partner throughout the entire life cycle of your ship.

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Selected naval lights from our versatile portfolio of quality luminaires.


EMI proof Icon

EMI proof

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an unwanted interaction between electronic devices caused by radio waves. To ensure undisturbed operation on board, our products are designed to meet your specific EMC requirements.

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Shock proof Icon

Shock proof

Shocks are high-level dynamic structural loads transmitted towards the ship’s structure. LightPartner luminaires are designed and tested to withstand high-impact mechanical shocks. Our products are available in various grades and loads to best match your project requirements.

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Vibration resistant Icon

Vibration resistant

A ship is always in motion and significant vibration loads can occur. To ensure vibration resistance and durability, all LightPartner products fulfill the standards of maritime classification societies. For naval application, we develop project-specific solutions that meet the even higher requirements.

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NVG compatible Icon

NVG compatible

The use of night vision goggles (NVG) is essential for night flight at sea. By utilizing appropriate light sources with NVG compatible spectra, our lighting solutions enable safe night flying operations for both navy pilots and crew on deck.

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Adaptation light Icon

Adaptation light

During night operation, efficient and safe working conditions must be ensured, while keeping the vessel’s detection range minimal. Adaptation lighting finds use on the bridge as well as other areas leading to the outside. To support this application, LightPartner offers a wide range of luminaires with suitable wavelengths.

Adaptation light Image
Multi-circuit Icon


LightPartner offers a variety of products that combine multiple lighting circuits in one luminaire. This specific electrical design can be utilized for many different applications on board – such as emergency lighting systems, adaptation light, different supply voltages, colour temperatures or wavelengths.

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Various optics Icon

Various optics

Optics are essential for the light distribution of a luminaire, as they determine efficiency, beam direction and glare control. By selecting appropriate optical elements such as lenses, reflectors and covers, our lighting fixtures are adaptable to fit your specific needs and maximize their performance.

Various optics Image
Controllable Icon


Good lighting goes beyond a simple on/off. Light management can support people and their needs, maximize light comfort and minimize energy costs. That is why we offer controllable lighting, to adapt luminaires to variable working and living conditions on board.

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This is a selection of exciting projects we have worked on in recent years.


Baden-Württemberg class
Fremm class
Meko A200 class

Frigates Image


Braunschweig class
Sa’ar 6 class
Sigma class

Corvettes Image

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Gowind class
Meteoro class

Offshore Patrol Vessels Image

Support Vessels

Jacques Chevallier class
Supply class
Rotterdam class

Support Vessels Image

Aircraft Carrier

Charles de Gaulle

Aircraft Carrier Image

Research Vessels

ASRV Nuyina
Project Hotel

Research Vessels Image

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